About - Images Along the Way

We dream. We innovate. We create. We design. We amaze.  These are images that caught my eye during my travels. Some were taken close to home while others were captured along the way from various trips over the years.    In essence, my pictures reflect and preserve specific times, places emotions and people that I observed along the way.   I photograph what interests me and therefore the results from these trips are photographs that capture life and emotions as my eyes saw it and my mind and heart felt it.

My landscapes and nature scenes were also inspired by painters such as David Armstrong and Will Moses. Mr. Armstrong's work on capturing the "Vanishing Landscape" of rural Pennsylvania  has led me to keep a keen eye out for those areas that will soon disappear from our lives.

Mr. Moses, like his famous grandmother, showed me that "simple" is better and not to look for the complexity in visualizing scenes.

Lastly, a local mentor, Theo Anderson, also encouraged me to "Keep It Simple", and opened my eyes to seeing lines, patterns, forms and structure where I never noticed them before. 

I hope you enjoy what you see.